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Cognitive Theory Shows Promise for AI Advances
Researchers are applying the cognitive theory of affordances developed by psychologist James J. Gibson to robotics. The principal shifts the focus of the artificial intelligence system from what a thing is to how it can be used. Early experiments show promise that this new approach will help robotic systems better identify real world objects and put them to use.

Computer Vision May Not Be Advancing As Rapidly As Believed
Flaws in the tests scientists use to evaluate a computer's ability to recognize objects visually may have led to overly optimistic reports of progress in the challenging field of computer vision. A new MIT study posits that these tests inadvertently favor the computer.

Maximum Computer Performance in the Green Computing Age
With comuter bencharking attention shifting from strictly performance to performance with energy efficiency, performance-saving measures are needed now more than ever.

Natural Language Processing Comes Alive - Chatterbots Multiply on the Web
Find chatterbots, information on AIML and other bot scripting languages, natural language processing, text based question answering and more.

Piecing together the next generation of cognitive robots
While building robots with anything akin to human intelligence remains a far off vision, making them more responsive would allow them to be used in a greater variety of sophisticated tasks in the manufacturing and service sectors. Such robots could be used as home helpers and caregivers, for example.

An Apple Is What You Do With It
Using a corpus containing more than a trillion words, and the brain activity of nine volunteer subjects, scientists at Carnegie Mellon University have demonstrated that they can predict unique brain activation patterns associated with names for things that you can see, hear, feel taste or smell.

Better Salmon Farming Techniques Would Protect Chile's Patagonian Lakes
The majority of salmon consumed in the U.S. is farmed, and the bulk of it comes from Chile. Fish farming has emerged as the most significant point source of pollution for Chile's unique and pristine Patagonian Lakes.

Researchers Crash Through Solar Efficiency Barriers
Funded by a U.S. government research grant, a consortium led by the University of Delaware is making great strides forward in solar electric generation and is well on its way to achieving it's goal of 50 percent efficiency.

Experiment Implies Memory Is More Dynamic Than Once Thought
Israeli researchers were able to effectively erase long-term memories in rats by administering a single dose of a drug that silences the enzyme PKMzeta. The experiment implies that long-term memory is a more dynamic process than previously thought and opens the door to drug therapies for boosting and stabilizing memory.

Robofish Inspired By Nature Communicate With Each other In Underwater Teams
University of Washington researchers looked to the behavior of schooling and herding animals to improve the performance and inter-machine communications in underwater robots. Someday these more efficient laborers could take on tasks such as tracking groups of whales, or exploring environments too dangerous for manned exploration.

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